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Black Friday Madness

November 27, 2011

So I know I’ve been lacking in the blog department lately! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! It’s been busy busy busy but not so busy as the Black Friday retail busy-ness I just experienced on Friday! I’m still reeling from the shopping experience and the reports of record sales from this most infamous retail shopping day. And just as shocked as everyone else about the reports of violence and pepper spray over Xboxes, WaffleMakers and more via WalMart’s Black Friday sales. You wouldn’t know that our economy is suffering from the way the retail Black Friday revenue numbers are coming back…

CNN Money reports that online sales were up 39.3% on Thanksgiving Day and 24.3% on Black Friday compared to the same days last year (according to IBM’s Coremetrics which tracks real-time data from 500 retailers). Shopper Trak (which tracks foot traffic at malls and stores) estimated that retail sales climbed to 11.4 billion from 10.7 last year alone. Okay, that’s a lot of consumers shopping more this year and what is most alarming to me is that this indicated that a lot of people ate their Turkey on Friday and then went right to their shopping lists…

So I braved it at 8AM on Friday, Black Friday and was quite amazed to see many stores were already picked through like a storm of incredibly skilled shoppers had already swept the stores and taken what they wanted. I guess I should not have been surprised since some stores actually were open at midnight. But really, who shops at Midnight?! Really?! People, can you digest your Thanksgiving Feast and a full 24 hours of the traditional holiday before shopping?! Apparently, some people did not.

I tried Macy’s at 8AM and was quite alarmed to see the shoe department in shambles, with very low inventory left. The sales people were friendly, smiling, and looked heavily caffeinated. They also looked quite exhausted. One sales person told me that Macy’s had lost power for about 5 minutes when the stores had first opened at midnight. He explained that shoppers panicked, but most remained calm. When the lights went back on, everyone was relieved and went back to their shopping. He said he was relieved because some ladies were screaming. Really? In the shoe department?!

So by 9:30AM, I headed home after picking up a couple of good Black Friday deals and got ready for a massage. After my massage, I was relaxed and de-stressed and I realized the best place to pick up any Black Friday deals was online – in the comfort of my own home without pushy Black Friday shoppers who were tired and frazzled. Best deals from my perspective? Target,, as well as Amazon. Overall, I feel good that I stimulated the economy after Thanksgiving, but I’m most pleased that a majority of my sales were done online, in the comfort of my own home!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!