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Day 40: How an advisory board can help your business

September 14, 2011

An advisory board/council can help to provide resources that you or your team alone could not enlist. This is a group of people that you would pay to provide input into your business and your product or service. Advisory councils can help you provide feedback on product roadmaps, strategic decisions, and surveys to your customers. They can also provide that “outside perspective” that few people can provide when working in an organization.
Once you establish an advisory board/council, be sure that you nourish these advisory relationships and hold regular meetings to keep them involved in your progress. Or, invite them to attend a special meeting or luncheon to update them on what you are doing with the company.

(Excerpt from Chapter Sixteen, Using the Marketing Demand Tool, Market This!: An Effective 90-Day Marketing Tool)


Day 39: Marketing Tactics to use if your product has some demand

September 6, 2011

If there is some demand for your product or service, you should continue to create and implement marketing activities that show your product or service is a leader in the marketplace. You will also want to demonstrate that you are a successful solution for your customers. Here are some tactics to consider:

1. Increase awareness of your product – Find online websites and events where your potential customers are going and consider sponsoring an ad, or sponsoring an event. Be in front of your potential customers!

2. Show examples of Strong Customer Satisfaction – Be sure to ask customers for live testimonials via a videocast, online testimonial or other references. Keep a log of happy customers and check in with them often on your new product offerings and ask what they like about what you are doing.

3. Demonstrate Your Value to Customers – Use strong examples of how you demonstrate value to your customers and why they keep coming back for more.

Tactics to consider:
-Online newsletters and webinars as well as videocasts that showcase your solutions
– Google Key Word Search Program
-Research reports featuring your product or service that make your business stand apart
-Increasing online outreach and promotion to your website, outreach to your customers through surveys
– Videocasts or viral videos that can be shown or shared through YouTube

(Excerpt from Chapter Sixteen, Using The Marketing Demand Tool, Market This!: An Effective 90-Day Marketing Tool)