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Day 38: Marketing tactics to use if your product is in low demand

August 1, 2011

If your product or service is in low demand, there may be low awareness for your product or service. You may not yet have a market established for what you are selling and marketing. Or, economic conditions may also be a factor determining the demand of your product, so external circumstances may be driving your product to be less popular in the marketplace right now. So, marketing can help you drive demand for your product or service, but what activities do you choose?

Here’s some best practices for marketing with a low demand product or service:

1. Establish product or service credibility
2. Use Strong examples of how a problem has been solved
3. Continue to drive awareness programs and Network, Network! Network!
Specific examples to consider:

– Participate in or create an online community Blog
– Consider purchase of Google key ad words for your product or service
– Advertise in online publications where your potential customers may visit
– Develop a promotion that shows how you solve a problem and provide a solution for a customer and offer a discount to new customers to try
– Launch a customer survey that becomes a credible piece such as a white paper showing how your company provided a solution – results from survey can become an advertorial testimonial on product or service with an advertisement, article, case study, or testimonial
– Develop an online enewsletter or ecampaign effort

For more marketing tactic ideas, go to Chapter sixteen of my book, Market This!: An Effective 90-Day Marketing Tool.