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Day 14: What are your customer’s thinking?

April 29, 2011

Surveys are a great way to find out what customers are thinking but sometimes the best way to find out what they think is to ask them in person! Think about your product or service and how it brings value to your customer. If you asked your customers to recommend your product or service what are the three things that they would say about your core business? What do you provide that is most valuable to your customers? If your customers were to recommend your product or service, what are the most significant things that they would say about your core business?

(Excerpt from Chapter 7, Market This!: An Effective 90-Day Marketing Tool)


Day 13: Understand your value through the customer lens

April 27, 2011

How do your customers perceive your business, your product or your service?
Customers can have a very different perspective on your core business and product or service offering. This is good, if you know what that perspective is! Think about how you add value to your customer’s lives and consider asking your key customers what they value about your product or service and what makes your product or service their first choice!

(Excerpt from Chapter 7, Market This!: An Effective 90-Day Marketing Tool)

Day 12: Looking Thru the Customer Lens

April 26, 2011

What is the customer lens? The customer lens is looking through the eyes of your customer. In clear terms, the customer lens is defined as your customers’ perspective in terms of how they think, feel and act with respect to your product or service–how your customers “see” you.

(excerpt from Chapter 7, Market This!: An Effective 90-Day Marketing Tool)

Day 11: What’s unique about your expertise?

April 24, 2011

What do you do today for your customers that is unique that may not be mentioned in your marketing efforts and messaging? Is there anything in your expertise or historical background that would be important for your customers to know about when they make a decision to use your product or service?

For example, do you have years of training in a specific field that would be of interest to your potential customers. Is there anything special about the way you deliver your product offline or online? Are you the first company to try a new and innovative of way of packaging your solution or product offering? Are you trying online technologies in a way that no other competitor has tried before? Think about these unique qualities and find ways to tell your customers!

(Excerpt from Chapter 5, Market This!: An Effective 90-Day Marketing Tool)

Day 10: Adapting to your customer’s needs

April 21, 2011

iPhones and Blackberries are changing constantly to fit what customer’s want to see on their mobile devices. Think about how fast features change on these electronic products today. Customers needs evolve and change quickly.

Are your customers needs changing and evolving? And if they are, do you know why? As your customer’s needs begin to shift, it’s important to adapt quickly with your product or service offering. Stay current on your customer’s needs and be flexible!

(Excerpt from chapter 5, Market This!: An Effective 90-Day Marketing Tool)

Day 9: Adding Value to your Customer’s Life

April 19, 2011

There are some very valuable products and services out there that businesses are marketing! However, many companies forget to recognize the importance of how their product or service really adds significant value to the lives of their customers. When I say value add or adding value, what do I mean?

Adding value is increasing the worth of your business offering or product through a process. That process could be through your customer’s perception, image, quality, performance, or even branding. It could be an increase in components to make your product or service run better such as a new product enhancement of a computer software program that makes it run faster or a new flavor for an ice cream product that tastes even better before. The result of the process of input will help to increase the value of the output-that result is that the product becomes more valuable, more significant to your customers.

So what is it that adds value to your customer’s life? How does your product or service enhance your customer’s life and make it better?!

(excerpt from chapter 5, Market This!: An Effective 90-Day Marketing Tool)

Day 8: Identifying the Value of Your Product or Service

April 18, 2011

Imagine that you are at a party explaining your business to someone who has never heard of your business before. Think about what they might ask you. You would probably be asked about what your product or service did and the size or your business. There might be some questions about how your product or service serves your customers. Since this person at the party is new to hearing about your business, you’d most likely want to present your information in a way that would be easy to understand and you’d also want to explain how your product or service adds value to a potential customer.

How would you describe your product or service at the party? Here’s a tip to help with your answer – Take a moment to think about what your product or service does, how does it work and how does it add value to your customer? In simple terms — just what exactly are you marketing?

(excerpt from chapter 5, Market This!: An Effective 90-Day Marketing Tool)

Day 7: What’s working well in your biz can be incorporated into your marketing materials

April 15, 2011

Once you decide what’s working well in your business, think about how you can incorporate these messages into your marketing materials. (Marketing materials can be social media announcements, web content, ecampaigns, newsletters, collateral, sales presentations and more). What’s working well right now may help your business to further demonstrate credibility and expertise in your industry. A specific customer win that’s working well can also help to show you are looking to gain new customers in a new industry. A case study or testimonial on your site that shows your success with one customer may be of interest to new customers. Think about what your new customers may want to learn about what you do well and make sure to incorporate in all your messaging.

(Excerpt from chapter fifteen, Market This!: An Effective 90-Day Marketing Tool)

Day 6: What is your business doing right today?

April 14, 2011

Think about your business and what’s working well for you today. Are you marketing a unique product that is appealing to customers? Do you have a strong engineering team that has developed a fantastic new and innovative product? Maybe you develop strong relationships with your customers so that they continue to come back to you for your product or service. What’s working well for you in your business right now?

Reflect and evaluate for a moment what is working well in your business and write these items down. Chances are that you may find that you have not been considering these factors in your current marketing efforts. Once you have identified what’s working well in your business, think about how you can demonstrate these strengths to your customers to help you market your product or service even better.

(Excerpt from chapter fifteen, Market This!: An Effective 90-Day Marketing Tool)

Day 5: How marketing plans can help your biz thrive

April 11, 2011

So how can a marketing plan help you and your business grow and thrive? By creating an effective marketing plan and executing to that plan, you can help your business drive revenues and attract new customers. When you create a thoughtful marketing plan that has room to grow and evolve as your business grows, you’re on the right path. Here’s some reasons why a good comprehensive marketing plan can help your business thrive:

Why create a marketing plan?
1. Goals and objectives – Allows you, the business owner a foundation for what you would like to accomplish in terms of sales and marketing objectives, and allows you to set milestones to accomplish.
2. Budget – Allows you to plan how you will market and what you can actually afford on marketing activities.
3. Commit – Powerful means to get you to commit to your sales and marketing ideas and commit to the growth of the company.
4.Analyze – Prompts you to analyze your message in terms of your customers. The way you reach out to customers may have to change and evolve as your product or service changes.
5. Understand your customers even better – As you plan and evaluate your marketing activities, you will continue to gain a greater understanding of how your customers perceive your product or service.
6. Change – As your business evolves and changes, your decisions to market differently to customers may be necessary.
7. Drive Revenues – Ultimately your marketing activities should be helping to drive customers and helping to drive revenues.

Your marketing plan should be evolving as fast as your business is evolving. It’s best to create a marketing plan that is useful to your business today and leave room to change it as your revenues and customers change.

(Excerpt from chapter one of Market This!: An Effective 90-Day Marketing Tool)