Reflections on Giving Thanks

It’s been a great Thanksgiving with family. Great Turkey, great side dishes and my pies came out rich and creamy. This is a great time to reflect on personal and professional thanks and I’m very thankful for my family, my readers, my publisher and my friends and colleagues who are reading Market This! and getting value out of the book. I’m also thankful for all the business owners who are talking about my book, referring my book to others and are asking for more resources and tools to make them better marketers. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting this book and its ventures! It’s been a great year for Market This! so far and I’m looking forward to more adventures in the coming year.

Yesterday, for the first time ever, I hit the stores at day-after-Thanksgiving sales a.k.a. Black Friday and was amazed at the volume of shoppers up so early in the morning. I read that this retail season should not be so great, but tell that to the shoppers out there! They were in full force looking for bargains galore, and honestly there are some out there. Thankful, busy shoppers is what I saw yesterday. I think the official “Black Friday” retail sales results will publish this Sunday, but I have to say I saw a lot of people out and they were doing some serious shopping! Will be interesting to hear…

Here’s wishing that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends and may you continue to have many thankful and joyous moments throughout this holiday season.


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