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Why we love our Customers

June 20, 2009

I have to admit that I have become recently impressed with my local dry cleaner business. I have been using the same dry cleaner for over four years now and I use them primarily for the convenience of the location. It’s a family-owned business and a husband and wife team. The wife takes an interest in my kids, my life and of course, my clothes. She’s friendly, honest and chatty. She always takes the time to walk me out to the car (if I need help carrying my clothes out) if I’m with the kids and she always takes time to ask me about my week and how things are going.

A few months ago I started noticing that all my hangers had a “We love our customers” (with the word love typed out not as a word but as a heart visual image) message proudly displayed on the paper of each hanger. But even before I noticed the “We love our customers” hangers I noticed something else. A prominent white sign in the window AND on the front registration area that explained that this was now a “green-friendly” dry cleaner. Once I noticed the green sign I asked the owner about this. She said, “Yes, well you know people want this and expect this from a good dry cleaner so it’s something we felt customers would appreciate.” I asked her if she thought most of her customers expected their dry cleaner to be green. “No,” she said, “But some of my most loyal customers had mentioned it in passing so I wanted to be sure we got this.” 

Good for my local dry cleaner! Simple concept, simple way to keep your customers. Find out what your best customers want and need and make it happen. Something tells me this local dry cleaners is going to be around a long time. After all, they know how to keep customers happy and understand how to keep their business thriving at the same time during a tough economy. And…they “love their customers” and in my opinion, it certainly shows.