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Learning from the Young Entrepreneur

April 14, 2009

I found a great new blog today called Young Entrepreneur. How refreshing it was to find a blog out there that addresses some fundamental questions that entrepreneurs ask themselves on a daily basis! As I read through the articles, I was even more pleasantly surprised to find the writers get to the root of an entrepreneur’s real emotional challenges. This is a blog worth visiting on a regular basis. Many of the topics have answers to real questions that need to be addressed before diving head first into a new venture. Topics of articles such as “what are the sure fire ways to know if your business will work or not?” and “how to stay motivated” as well as “when is it time to go full time with your business?”  These are all topics that any entrepreneur will find both practical and helpful.

The site is easy to read and use and has a simple layout. I like the way they have included an “Entrepreneur Interviews” section where they highlight guest entrepreneurs.  This is a great way to learn more about like-minded entrepreneurs and hear their best practices, however I would like to see more female entrepreneurs highlighted in this section, since there are a ton of them out there! 

I think my favorite part about the site is the “Entrepreneur polls” section. They have really done a nice job of getting some great poll surveys completed, and the topics range from understanding “how to market your business on Twitter” to “how to stay motivated.”  I look forward to seeing more polls and scanning these weekly.

Overall, a great find (through Twitter!) and as I stumble through new found social media sites, I have to say that these guys deserve a bravo for taking the initiative to start such a great blog that addresses real entrepreneur issues. I hope my book readers will take the time to visit this site as well.

Check out their blog at