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Strengthening Marketing Tactics in a Shaky Economy

October 20, 2008

The Magic of Number Three: Time to Simplify

It may seem obvious, but when things are shaky out there with the economy, marketing tactics need to be even more effective. What does that mean for us marketers? Well, in a nutshell it means taking a look at tactics that might need to be put on hold and/or consolidated. It also means re-evaluating basic marketing tactics to see what’s working and what’s not. What’s nice to have and what is a need-to-have? What marketing activities are too costly and can be tossed out from a marketing strategy? Do you have marketing campaigns with endless layers of tactics that are draining your budget dry? If you do, maybe it’s time to consolidate and simplify to the number three.

Here’s how to think about it: For basic campaigns and outbound communication strategies, try to think of things in threes. What three things can you do with one simple piece? For example, if you have several points that you want to make about your product or service, try doing a best practices collateral piece.  Pick the top five things that your product or service does for your customers and integrate this into a short bulleted document that’s easy to use for your reader.  Make it a PDF flyer and make sure your logo and branding are at the top.

How can you use this finished PDF document? It’s easy. Think of it in threes. What three ways can you now leverage this piece to get to your customers and help increase your revenues?

One way is to post it on your website for your customers to download and view. Another way is to take that PDF piece and send out an email campaign blast to your customer database. That’s two! You can also take that same piece of information and record a short podcast or Webinar. That’s three! Now record that podcast or Webinar and send it to your potential customers. The list goes on…You can probably think of a few more ideas, but the idea is to leverage one marketing piece and to use it in several different ways to help your customer. I call this simplifying your tactics. You’ve now created a great piece for your product or service and you have also saved a ton of money by doing it yourself!




Surf’s Up for Going Green in Tokyo

October 20, 2008

I just heard back from a colleague who attended a major IT conference in Tokyo, Japan. He reported that there that there was an “eco-friendly” pavilion devoted to Green IT or Eco-Conscious technologies. This apparently was a big draw at the conference with many attendees visiting and stopping to ask questions. He said he thought this was one of the busiest and exciting places to be at the conference. He was also looking for ways to “market” his own technology product using eco-friendly terms! Makes a heck of a lot of sense, right?!

I think there’s a message in here somewhere for us marketers. The message is that eco-friendly products need a global message and there is a potential for growth here.


It’s no secret that eco-friendly products and services are at the forefront of our news right now. I’m seeing this everywhere in the media. In fact, if you’ve got a product or service that is eco-friendly, chances are you may be getting more attention than you had expected, so enjoy it.  Even in Tokyo, conferences and trainings for the technology field are pushing the message: be green and go green.


Here’s my Marketing translation: If your product or service is eco-friendly or eco-compliant, you’ve got to get the word out. Tell people about it! People will be looking for your product or service to be good and/or for your company to be the experts in an area. Don’t just stop at product or service excellence, go the extra mile. Make sure your products and services are eco-friendly too. Sounds like your customers will appreciate it, even the ones abroad.